Message Format

  • [{0}|{1}|{2}|{3}|{4}]\n
  • Examples:
    • [0|Command|A7|4000,4000|B4]
    • [0|Event|A7|Requested command completed.|BC]



Commands include three pieces of information:
  • Command Type Identifier
    • Specified devices can only accept specific commands
  • Command Execute Time
    • The command start time is a timestamp which indicates when the command should be executed. If the timestamp is in the past the command will be executed immediately, otherwise the receiver will attempt to execute the command as closely as possible to the requested start time.
  • Command Parameter Data
    • Commands can have a variable number of parameters. The number and their interpretation is available in each commands detailed description.

Command Format


Parameter Type Meaning
{0} Command Type Identifier Type of command
{1} Timestamp Execution time of command
{2} Parameter List Parameters of command

Parameter List Format

This list will be string representations of the types required for the specified command type. They will be separated by commas (,) and numbered 0 - N.

Command Detailed Descriptions

Area Command Command Type Identifier
Data Set Boolean Value SB
Set Integer Value SI
Get Boolean Value GB
Get Integer Value GI
LED Set LED Action LA
Initialize LED LI
Set RGB Color RC
Transition RGB Color RT
Initialize RGB LED RI
Motor Set Motor Profile MP
Initialize Motor MI
Generic Initialize CPU CI


Area Response Response Type Identifier
Data Set Value Complete SC
LED Set Action Complete AS

Command Response Pairs

Area Command Response(s) Event(s)
Data Set Boolean Value Set Action Complete None
Set Integer Value Set Action Complete None
Get Boolean Value Get Action Complete None
Get Integer Value Get Action Complete None
LED Set LED Action Set Action Complete None
Set RGB Color Set Action Complete None
Transition RGB Color Set Action Complete None
Initialize LED Initialize Complete None
Initialize RGB LED Initialize Complete None
Motor Set Motor Profile Set Action Complete None
Initialize Motor Initialize Complete None
Move Absolute Position Move Complete Motor Position
Bit Transition
Generic Initialize CPU Initialize Complete None

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